Life Enrichment

CJE Life EnrichemnetScientific research has proven that a challenged, stimulated brain may be the key to a vibrant later life. As 78 million Boomers prepare to redefine their own retirement, it is becoming more documented that staying active and "engaged with life" may help prevent mental, emotional and physical challenges down the road. 

Retirement is no longer about sitting in a rocking chair. Throughout CJE SeniorLife's continuum of care, and starting with the Center for Healthy Living, we are always inviting our community members to learn, grow and have fun. CJE's Center for Healthy Living is intended to enrich the lives of older adults. We achieve this through a variety of programs that give practical and useful information on topics like Managing Your Diabetes to How to Use an iPad, to entertainment-oriented programs like a dance presentation from a local ballet troupe. 
The benefits gained from a proactive lifestyle, an active mind and physical activity are enormous. These are all tools to promote better health and well-being…brought to you by CJE's Center for Healthy Living.  Click here to see how CJE's Center for Healthy Living can enhance your life.  
In addition, CJE's mission of enhancing the lives of older adults is based on the Jewish values of respect, advocacy, compassion, intention and accountability. CJE SeniorLife takes a holistic approach to the well-being of older adults. In the tradition of Maimonides, visit our Center for Healthy Living and Religious Life sections to learn more how CJE's broad array of cultural and educational enrichment opportunities embedded in religious services, lectures, discussions and holiday celebrations can contribute to improving the mind, body and spirit. 
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