CJE SeniorLIfe Counseling CJE SeniorLife’s Counseling Services provides individual counseling, group sessions, and family caregiver support. Our licensed clinical social workers are specialists in the field of aging and mental health and have years of experience helping older adults and their caregivers.

Depression and anxiety are not a normal part of aging, and can be very treatable. Symptoms may include an inability to relax, difficulty concentrating, significant weight loss or gain, insomnia or sleeping much more than usual, loss of interest or taking no pleasure in life, feeling tired all the time, feeling irritable and angry, difficulty with relationships and feeling that life isn’t worth living. For those who may be experiencing some of these symptoms, we are here to help find more effective ways of managing difficult situations in one’s life.

Counseling is covered by Medicare, Medicare Advantage plans, and private insurance for adults age 60 and older. In some instances, we are able to serve those age 55+, depending on insurance coverage. While most clients are seen in our West Rogers Park and Deerfield offices, arrangements can be made for homebound individuals to receive services in their homes. Our geographic area includes downtown Chicago, the north side of Chicago, and many surrounding suburbs. Services are also available in Russian and Spanish.

Call 773.508.1000 today to learn about counselijng for older adults and caregivers, support gourps, and group therapy.

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