Leonard Schanfield Research Institute

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CJE SeniorLife is unique compared to many other eldercare agencies in that it has an in-house applied research division, the Leonard Schanfield Research Institute.  Many of the research projects develop into programs and services that become integrated into CJE’s comprehensive network of programs and services for older adults and their families. An excellent example is the award-winning www.CaregivingHelp.org website which was initiated as a research project but in the course of two years, developed into an interactive online resource for family caregivers managed by CJE’s Center for Healthy Living.

Our experience in the field of aging, our local and nationwide partnerships, and our engagement in hot-button issues in aging all make the Leonard Schanfield Research Institute an important catalyst of innovative social and applied research.

LSRI’s research has focused on the following topics:

  • Family caregiving
  • Elder abuse and self-neglect
  • Interventions for persons with early cognitive impairment
  • Cultural and social factors related to the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Evaluation of social service programs
  • Parkinson’s disease care
  • Improving outcomes for recently hospitalized older adults
  • Resistance training outcomes for older adults with chronic illness

Please contact Madelyn Iris, PhD, Director of the Leonard Schanfield Research Institute to discuss collaboration opportunities 773.508.1076 or micki.iris@cje.net.