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CJE SeniorLife's Geriatric Care Management ServicesYour Eldercare Consultants understand the complex issues related to aging.

For nearly four decades, CJE SeniorLife has been a leading provider of community services, healthcare, housing, education and applied research for older adults and their families in Metropolitan Chicago.

Your Eldercare Consultants team members, with advanced degrees in social work and special training in gerontology, find compassionate and strategic solutions to the problems that come with aging. They use their vast network of resources to help older adults who are alone or live far from family. They also bring new ideas and a fresh perspective to families who might feel confused, overwhelmed, even frustrated by their aging loved ones’ changing needs. To support your family, Your Eldercare Consultants:

  • Offer friendly, frank advice in difficult situations
  • Provide assessments and ongoing consultations
  • Evaluate an older adult’s ability to live independently
  • Develop an individualized plan of care
  • Guide and assist with decision-making
  • Recommend short-term/long-term residential options
  • Navigate the maze of healthcare services
  • Accompany clients to medical appointments
  • Coordinate and monitor in-home services (personal care, meals, transportation)
  • Manage medical and insurance billing
  • Pay bills and balance checkbook
  • Organize records and paperwork
  • Assist with future planning for individuals with special needs or chronic illness

Your Eldercare Consultants work with your family to create a customized care plan for responding to emergencies. Our team members:

  • Take calls and make home visits during the night
  • Act as a family’s eyes, ears and voice in times of crisis
  • Are a companion and advocate for older adults in urgent situations
  • Guide older adults through emergency room care, hospital admission and the discharge process
  • Arrange care for a partner or loved one left at home
  • Notify concerned family members of a loved one’s well being and provide support and advice.

The best way to determine whether or not your family can benefit from geriatric care management is to schedule a consultation with one of our experts.  Consultations are often the first step in helping families find solutions to the problems that often accompany the aging process.  During a consultation, a geriatric care manager will meet with the individuals and/or family members to evaluate the physical, mental, social and functional strengths of an older person and develop a plan of action.  Click here to learn about our geriatric care management team.  Call 773.508.1000 to schedule a consultation.


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